Seafood Catering in Union City

So you’ve got an anniversary, birthday, or work party coming up. The guest list is ready, the party venue is booked, and you’re almost ready to go. Now you just need to figure out the food. You may think that any food choice would be good for whatever event you’re having, but that’s where you’re wrong. Figuring out the best and most delicious food to be catered for your event can make all the difference between a so-so party and a mind-blowingly amazing shindig! However, have you sat around thinking of what type of food to have catered, only to be stuck and frustrated?

It’s time to call the Backyard Bayou. We started our Creole restaurant by cooking in our own backyards, and we’d be happy to bring our delicious meals straight to you. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big family reunion, let us know. We’ll bring you Southern food favorites that will have everyone licking their fingers and raving for days and weeks to come.

A Relaxed Venue

Throwing your party in the right space can mean all the difference between a snooze fest and an unforgettable time. Here at The Backyard Bayou, we have a really relaxed and fun atmosphere where you’ll feel like you’re at your second home. You can rent out our restaurant for any private parties or events, so you won’t have to deal with people trashing up your home and having to clean it all up yourself. All you’ll have to do is show up, have a good time, and go home!

Events Coordinator

If you don’t have a clue how to plan a party, don’t worry about it at all. We have a professional event coordinator on staff that can give you a hand, so you get a fun and memorable event! Even if you know how to plan a fun party, it won’t hurt to get some help from an experienced professional, so you get some fresh and amazing ideas for your party. You deserve to have the best on your special day, so utilize our events coordinator for whatever special event you have coming up!

Custom Menus

Many restaurants are rigid and make you stick to a rigid catering menu, but not at The Backyard Bayou! Instead, we let you choose from any item on our menu, and we’ll mass cook it to order, so you’ll get your favorite dishes to share with your party guests. By having the choice of any item on our menu, you’ll be able to put together your own distinct menu.

Union City Boil Bash Catering and Special Events

Please call us for your Cajun Catering Events. Select from anything on the menu and just give us some notice (7 days) so we have time to prepare a delicious menu for your guests to enjoy, that will be customized to your unique event. We only ask a 50% deposit upon ordering for your special event.

Please plan to pick up your party trays the day of your party. Pricing is based on the number of people to be served and items selected from our menu. Give us call for a custom quote.

Special Event Reservations

Our relaxed and fun atmosphere is available for private parties or events.

Give us a call and our event coordinator will help you design a fun and memorable event for you and your guests.

Choose any item from our menu. We are happy to customize your event menu. Call for pricing and availability.

Southern Food Made Easy

We’re happy to work with you to make sure you get the food you want for your event. We’ll take care of everything from appetizers and salads to delicious desserts. Just check out our menu to see what we have available and to get some ideas. When you’re ready, give us a call at (925) 523-0584 to order. We’ll do the work – you just enjoy the food.